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ME 101
Intro to Mechanical Engin
ME 101L
Intro to Mechanical Engin Lab
ME 103
Computer Aided Design I
ME 104
Engineering Programming
ME 204
Engineering Analysis
ME 205
ME 206
ME 210
Materials Science
ME 231
Strength of Materials
ME 300
Math Methods in ME
ME 301L
Analy/inst Phy Lab
ME 301
Analysis/Inst of Phy Systems
ME 307
Fund of Nuclear Engineering
ME 310
ME 312L
Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
ME 312
Heat & Mass Transfer
ME 313L
Experimental Mechanic Lab
ME 320
Kinematics & Dynamics Machines
ME 360
Fluid Mechanics I
ME 360L
Fluid Mechanics I Lab
ME 380
Computer Aided Design II
ME 412
Anal/Sys of Gas Turb
ME 412L
Anal/Sys Gas Tur Lab
ME 413
Rocket Propulsion
ME 416
Gas Dynamics
ME 417
Power Sys Integ & Performance
ME 425
Design of Machine Elements
ME 432
Design For Manuf & Reliability
ME 432L
Des For Manu & Rel Lab
ME 441
Renewable Energy
ME 442
Solar Thermal Engineering
ME 451
Automatic Control System
ME 460
Nuclear Reactor Engineering I
ME 461
Nuclear Reactor Engineering ll
ME 470
Mech Eng Dsgn Project
ME 472
Economics Eval of Design
ME 475
Mech Eng Design Project
ME 481
Quality/Reliability Assurance
ME 482
Operations Plan & Scheduling
ME 541
Renewable Energy
ME 542
Solar Thermal Engineering
ME 581
Quality Reliability
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