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FAS 101
Food & Survival of Man
FAS 102
Intro to Food Science
FAS 110
Animal Bio-Health Terminology
FAS 112
Intro to Animal Bio-Health Sci
FAS 241
Scientific Writing for Ungrad
FAS 259
Companion Animal Mgmt
FAS 306
Sensory Evaluation
FAS 312
Food Service Health Management
FAS 320
Animal Biosec And Disease
FAS 351
Nutrition and Metabolism
FAS 352
Feeds and Feeding
FAS 353
Animal Breeding & Genetics
FAS 357
Monogastric Animal Management
FAS 358
Ruminant Animal Management
FAS 401L
Food Microbiology
FAS 402
Meat & Poultry Sci. & Tech
FAS 403
FAS 405
Special Problems
FAS 407L
Food Chemistry
FAS 408L
Food Analysis
FAS 424
Animal Models in Biomed Res
FAS 430L
Physiology of Reproduction
FAS 440
Res Methods in Bioscience
FAS 442
Fruits Veg & Cereal Pro Tech
FAS 450
Reg Food Safety & Quality
FAS 453L
Agricultural Biochemistry
FAS 460
Animal Anatomy and Physiology
FAS 461L
Food Engineering
FAS 462
Animal Parasitology
FAS 472L
Food Processing
FAS 490
Food Science Capstone
FAS 491
Animal Health Internship
FAS 492
Animal Bio-Health Sc Capstone
FAS 503
Food Microbiology
FAS 504
Animal Hygiene & Parasitology
FAS 505
Meat & Poultry Sci & Tech
FAS 507
Food Chemistry
FAS 508
Food Analysis
FAS 528
Physiology of Reproduction
FAS 538
Fruits, Vegetables & Cereal Pr
FAS 540
Research Methods in Bioscience
FAS 550
Regulation Fd Safety & Quality
FAS 552
Food Quality Assur
FAS 553
Agricultural Biochemistry
FAS 561
Food Engineering
FAS 572
Food Processing
FAS 586
Advanced Topics in Animal Sci
FAS 602
Produce Safety
FAS 605
Special Problems
FAS 610
Sensory Science
FAS 611
Food Toxicology
FAS 615
Food Enzymes
FAS 617
Food Flavors/Pigments
FAS 623
Quantitative Genetics
FAS 624
Ani Model & Resp Cond/Bio Res
FAS 632
Monogastric Nutrition
FAS 636
Science of Food Culinology
FAS 640
Product Development & Research
FAS 642
Minerals and Vitamins in Fds
FAS 644
Proteins in Foods & Nutrition
FAS 646
Carbohydrates & Lipids Infds
FAS 654
Food Microbiological Tech
FAS 657
Analyt Tech & Instrumentations
FAS 662
Food Rheology
FAS 671
Intro to Biotechnology
FAS 678
Applied Nutrigenomics
FAS 697
FAS 698
Master's Report
FAS 699
Research for M.S.
FAS 701
Advanced Food Microbiolgy
FAS 707
Adv Food Chemistry
FAS 711
Advanced Food Toxicology
FAS 741
Advances in Nutrition
FAS 771
Advanced Food Biotechnology
FAS 772
Advanced Food Processing
FAS 780
Fun Foods & Neutr in Hlth Dis
FAS 796
Advanced Topics Food Science
FAS 797
FAS 798
Teach Exper For PHD
FAS 799
Research for PH.D
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