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ENG 010
Developmental Writing
ENG 101
Composition I
ENG 101E
Composition I with Lab
ENG 101H
Honors Composition I
ENG 102
Composition II
ENG 102H
Honors Communication Skills
ENG 201
Survey of English Literature I
ENG 202
Survey of English Literature
ENG 203
World Literature I
ENG 203H
World Literature
ENG 204H
Honors Humanities
ENG 204
World Literature II
ENG 205
General Speech
ENG 207
Survey of American Lit I
ENG 208
Survey of American Lit II
ENG 300
Intro to the Discipline of ENG
ENG 303
Tech & Professional Writing
ENG 304
Advanced Composition
ENG 307
ENG 308
Literary Criticism
ENG 310
Journalism Workshop
ENG 311
Creative Writing
ENG 313
Black Drama
ENG 314
Black Film
ENG 392
Special Topics in Mod Am Novel
ENG 400
Discourse Analysis
ENG 404
Black Literature
ENG 405
Advanced Grammar
ENG 407
Senior Seminar
ENG 408
Medieval Literature
ENG 409
History of the English Languag
ENG 411
Special Topics in Blk Wmn Lit
ENG 420
Post-Colonial Theory
ENG 500
Writing for Graduates
ENG 501
History of English Language
ENG 505
The Novel
ENG 507
ENG 508
ENG 603
Comp Theory & Rhetoric
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