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EE 101
Introduction to EE
EE 109
Engineering Computing
EE 201
Linear Circuit Analysis I
EE 201L
Linear Circuit Analysis I Lab
EE 202
Linear Circuit Analysis II
EE 203
Analog Circuits I
EE 203L
Analog Circuits Lab I
EE 204
Digital Cir Des/Anal
EE 301
Signals and Systems I
EE 303
Electromagnetic Field Theory
EE 304
Numerical Methods
EE 305
Semiconductor Engineering
EE 306
Survey of Energy Systems
EE 307
Fund of Nuclear Engineering
EE 308
Thermal Systems Engineering
EE 320
Computer Architecture
EE 320L
Dig Sys Lab
EE 330
EE 333
Analog Circuit II
EE 340L
Energy Conversion Lab
EE 350
VLSI Design & Test I
EE 360L
Communications Lab
EE 403
Feedback Systems
EE 404
Communication Theory
EE 405L
Simulation Techniques Lab
EE 410
EE 420
Power Systems I
EE 421
Power Systems II
EE 425
High Perf Computing
EE 431
Semiconductor Engineering II
EE 451
Integrated Circuit Fabrication
EE 451L
IC Fab Lab
EE 460
Nuclear Reactor Engineering l
EE 461
Nuclear Reactor Engineering ll
EE 470
Engineering Design I
EE 471
Engineering Design II
EE 490
Special Topics
EE 504
Communication Theory
EE 510
Microwave Eng
EE 520
Power Sys I
EE 525
High Perfor Comput & Networks
EE 531
Advanced Semiconductor Eng
EE 551
IC Fabrication
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