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CS 101
Fund of Computer & Inform Sys
CS 102
Intro to Programming I
CS 104
Intro to Computer & Ethics
CS 109
Intro to Programming II
CS 203
Discrete Structures
CS 206
Visual Programming I
CS 209
Intro to Digital Logic Design
CS 215
Data Structures
CS 304
Intro to Web Programming
CS 309
Computer Graphics
CS 314
Advanced Program
CS 321
Prin of Information Security
CS 328
Object Oriented Des With UML
CS 347
Intro Video Game Desgn/Pr(UAH)
CS 381
Computer Organization
CS 384
Operating Systems
CS 386
CS 401
Software Engineering
CS 403
Senior Problem
CS 405
Linux With Appl Programming
CS 408
Wireless Computing
CS 409
Intro to Image Processing
CS 410
CS 414
Forensic Computing
CS 421
Computer Security
CS 425
Theory of Algorithms
CS 450
Artificial Intelligence
CS 484
CS 488
Introduction to Database
CS 511
Design of Anal of Algorithum
CS 521
Object Oriented Prog and Des
CS 525
Advanced Data Structures
CS 531
Computer Architecture
CS 533
Cyber Security Fundamentals
CS 541
Operating System Principles
CS 543
Computer Communication
CS 550
Artificial Intelligence
CS 551
Database Management Systems
CS 555
Advanced Database Systems
CS 561
Software Eng Methodology
CS 563
Image Processing
CS 570
Comp Graphics And Animation
CS 582
Wireless & Mobile Computing
CS 591
Coop Edu Work Experience
CS 597
Independent Study
CS 599
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