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CMG 101
Intro To Const Management
CMG 105
Intro To Const Materials
CMG 110
Blu Print & Construction Plans
CMG 201
Construction Surveying
CMG 217
Statics & Structural Analysis
CMG 218
Strength Of Materials
CMG 225
Computer Application For Const
CMG 250
Construction Estimating
CMG 300
Construction Methods
CMG 301
Constr Materials & Testing
CMG 306
Const Planning & Scheduling
CMG 308
Soil Mech & Foundats
CMG 310
Const Contracts & Law
CMG 315
Heavy Constructions
CMG 318
Mechanical & Electrical System
CMG 320
Leadership In Construction
CMG 325
Computer App In Construction
CMG 350
Construction Safety
CMG 400
Const Accounting
CMG 410
Con/Steel/Wood Design & Cons
CMG 420
CMG 430
Adv Construction Cost Est
CMG 450
Const Codes & Quality Control
CMG 460
Capstone Project Phase I
CMG 461
Capstone Project Phase Ll
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