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BIO 100
Introduction to Health Careers
BIO 101
General Biology
BIO 101H
Honors General Biology I & Lab
BIO 101L
General Biology I Lab
BIO 102L
General Biology Lab
BIO 102H
Honors General Biology II &Lab
BIO 102
General Biology
BIO 103
Principles of Biology
BIO 103L
Principles of Biology Lab
BIO 104
Principles of Biology II & Lab
BIO 201
Invertebrate Zoology
BIO 201L
Invertebrate Zoology Lab
BIO 202
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BIO 202L
Comparative Vert Anatomy Lab
BIO 203
General Botany I
BIO 203L
General Botany Lab
BIO 204
General Botany II
BIO 204L
General Botany Lab
BIO 205
BIO 205L
Ecology Lab
BIO 206
Medical Terminology
BIO 221
Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 221L
Human Anatomy & Physiol Lab I
BIO 222
Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIO 222L
Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIO 223
Intro to Environmental Health
BIO 311
Principles of Genetics
BIO 311L
Principles of Genetics Lab
BIO 330L
Microbiology Lab
BIO 330
BIO 340
BIO 340L
Embryology Lab
BIO 411L
Cell & Molecular Biology Lab
BIO 411
Cell and Molecular Biology
BIO 430
Medical Microbiology
BIO 430L
Medical Microbiology Lab
BIO 431
Principles of Immunology
BIO 431L
Principles of Immunology
BIO 433
Fund of Epidemiology
BIO 434
Principles of Physiology
BIO 434L
Principles of Physiology
BIO 471
Biology Seminar
BIO 481
Research in Biology
BIO 490
Biology Internship
BIO 500
Current Concepts in Biology
BIO 511
Biological Control
BIO 512
Instrument Biological Sci
BIO 513
Research Ethics
BIO 522
Microbial Physiology
BIO 524
BIO 525
BIO 533
Advanced Physiology
BIO 534
Advanced Physiology II
BIO 560
Environmental Biology
BIO 571
Plant Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 590
Prob in Biological Sciences
BIO 622
Appl Indust Microbiology
BIO 624
BIO 625
Medical Mycology Lecture
BIO 631
BIO 632
Cardiovas Physiology
BIO 633
BIO 645
Human Cytogenetics
BIO 646
Molecular Genetics
BIO 649
Advanced Genetics I
BIO 690
BIO 691
Special Topics
BIO 692
BIO 699
Master's Thesis
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