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ART 101
Art Appreciation
ART 110
Fundamentals of Drawing
ART 111
Two Dimensional Des & Color
ART 121
Three Dimensional Design
ART 209
Composition with Drawing
ART 211
Color And Design
ART 220
History of Art I
ART 221
History of Art II
ART 230
Graphic Design I
ART 298
Introduction to Photography
ART 300
M/M Teach Art in Ele School
ART 305
Ceramics I
ART 306
Ceramics II
ART 307
Jewelry I
ART 309
Figure Drawing
ART 312
Painting I
ART 313
Water Color Painting
ART 314
Painting II
ART 315
Sculpture I
ART 320
Fund of Print: Relief & Intagl
ART 331
Graphic Design II
ART 332
Graphic Design III
ART 340
Intro to Digital Imaging
ART 341
Digital Imaging II
ART 400
Independent Art Investigation
ART 401
Advanced Technical Problems
ART 402
Senior Exhibition
ART 406
Fashion Illustration
ART 408
ART 412
Origins of Modern Art
ART 414
African American Art
ART 420
Advertising Thesis
ART 430
Advanced Graphic Design I
ART 431
Advanced Graphic Design II
ART 595
Internship in Art
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